A new cave fish locality for Iran


Atabak Mahjoorazad1, Brian W. Coad2


1Section of Environmental Studies, Department of Integrated Studies of Water and Soil Resource and Environment, Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company, P.O. Box 19395-6875, Tehran, Iran, e-mail atabak:mahjoorazad@yahoo.com

2Canadian Museum of Nature, PO Box 3443, Station D, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 6P4, e-mail: bcoad@mus-nature.ca


Abstract: A new locality is reported for the Iranian cave fish, Iranocypris typhlops (Cyprinidae). Formerly known from a single locality in the Dez River drainage of western Iran, it is now recorded from drainage, the Simarreh River basin, ca. 131 km away in a direct line. The new locality was an intake tunnel for a dam, now inaccessible. The species may be widely distributed through karst areas of the Zagros Mountains and its vulnerable status is called into question.


Key Words: Iranocypris typhlops; cave fish; Iran


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