On the population and breeding aspects of catfish in fresh water wetlands of Tamil Nadu, peninsular India.


Rajagopal, B* and Priya Davidar


Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Pondicherry University, Kalapet 605 014, Pondicherry, India.


*Correspondence: Malankara Catholic College, Mariagiri, Kaliakkavilai 629153, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India. E-mail: mathanagopalb@yahoo.com, Telephone: +91 04651 244156.


Abstract: Population structure and breeding pattern of a few species of catfish in wetlands from two geographically contrasting regions of peninsular India were studied. Findings of the study show that there is a marked difference in the structure of populations and breeding pattern existed for some species in the two regions. The reason attributes to different climatic factors found in these regions. Apart from this, functional and structural modifications in the anatomy of fish species, its physiological adaptation to the environment also contribute to these differences.


Key words: Distribution, Breeding, Seasonality, Rainfall, Recruitment.


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