Puntius padamya, a new species of Cyprinid fish from Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)


Sven O. Kullander and Ralf Britz


1 Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, PO Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden. E-mail: sven.kullander@nrm.se.

2 Department of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, London, SW7 5BD, United Kingdom.

E-mail: r.britz@nhm.ac.uk


Abstract: Puntius padamya, new species, is described from the type locality near Mandalay, in the Ayeyarwaddy River drainage, Myanmar. Referred specimens are reported from the lower Chindwin River. Puntius padamya is distinguished from other species of the P. conchonius species group above all by the colour pattern. Males possess a broad red band from the head to the base of the caudal fin, abdominal scales with dark margins, and hyaline dorsal, anal and pectoral fins with conspicuous black spots and black distal margins. Both sexes possess a vertically elongate dark humeral blotch and a small, inconspicuous dark blotch on the side of the caudal peduncle. Puntius padamya is a well known aquarium fish, commercialized as “Odessa barb”.


Keywords: Cypriniformes – Taxonomy – Odessa barb – Ayeyarwaddy River – Chindwin River



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