Growth of the red mullet, Mullus barbatus (Linnaeus, 1758) on the Montenegrin shelf (south Adriatic).


Aleksandar Joksimović, Slobodan Regner, Olivera Kasalica, Mirko Đurović, Ana Pešić and Milica Mandić


Institute of Marine Biology, P.Box 69, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro



Abstarct: Red Mullet, Mullus barbatus (Linnaeus, 1758), economically is very important species. Materials for analysis were collected from October 2002. till Jun 2004., with trawl net using commercial boats on the Montenegrin shelf. For the first time in this area growth parameters were analyzed , separated for males and females, and for all specimens together. Till now data about this species was only about space distribution and CPUE (catch per unit of effort). Estimated growth parameters was L= 17.811, K= 0.282 and to= -3.013 for males, and L= 27.479, K= 0.149 and to= -2.688 for females. Estimates for all specimens together have values L= 30.129, K= 0.118 i to= -3.182. Estimate of growth rates showed a pronounced contrast between male and female Red Mullet, as the males grow twice as fast as females after the first year of life.


Key words: Mullus barbatus, growth parameters, Montenegrin shelf



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