The feeding of European eel, Anguilla Anguilla L. in the river Asi, Turkey.


Şükran Yalçın-Özdilek1, Kemal Solak2


1Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Education Faculty, Anafartalar Campus, 17100 Çanakkale, Turkey. e-mail:

2Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Biology Department, Teknikokullar, Ankara, Turkey


Abstract: The feeding behaviour of European eel in the eastern limit of the distribution at­tained in the river Asi was investigated. Fish were dominant food organisms of eels especially if they are larger than 40 cm in total length. Trichoptera and Odonata larvae were also con­sumed by eels in the River Asi. It was observed that summer and also spring days are impor­tant feeding period for eels in the River Asi. Fish were consumed mostly in rainy seasons when river discharge is remarkably high. However, aquatic invertebrates were consumed mostly in summer days.


Key words: Asi River, European eel, diet, stomach contents, Turkey



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