Infection By Plerocercoids Of The Atlantic Trypanorhynch Pterobothrium senegalense In The Labrid Xyrichtys novacula From The Central Mediterranean


Castriota L.1, Gustinelli A. 2, Marcer F. 2, Trentini M. 3, Falautano M. 1, Andaloro F. 1


1 ICRAM (Central Institute for Applied Marine Research), via Emerico Amari 124, 90139 Palermo, Italy.


2 Department of Veterinary Public Health and Animal Pathology, University of Bologna

3 Department of Evolutionary and Experimental Biology, University of Bologna


Abstract: Plerocerci of the trypanorhynch Pterobothrium cf. senegalense in the pearly razorfish Xyrichtys novacula from Lampedusa Island (African continental shelf) are described. Fish analysed monthly were found infected throughout the year. The frequency of parasitosis was 95.6 %, estimated from a sample of 204 fish ranging from 97 to 199 mm TL. All fish under 124 mm TL were found non infected. Most fish presented 1 or 2 blastocysts in their body cavity; anyway increasing number of blastocysts with increasing fish size was noticed. The absence of this parasitosis in pearly razorfish sampled on the European platform suggests that it is restricted to the African continental shelf.


Key words: Mediterranean Sea, plerocercoid, Pterobothrium senegalense, Trypanorhyncha, Xyrichtys novacula


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